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Diamond G Forest Products, LLC
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About Diamond G Forest Products
Diamond G Forest Products is a family-owned and operated agribusiness in Patterson, Georgia.  Like any business, of course we want to sell our products; however, we have more on our minds than production and sales.  We view our business as a grassroots effort to revive the once-thriving pine gum industry in the southeastern region of the United States, particularly south Georgia.  As late as the 1960’s, Georgia supplied 88% of the world’s supply of pine gum. Today, unfortunately, China controls the world gum market. If we could turn that around, and revive this industry in Georgia, the positive effects on our economy would be far-reaching.
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A crucial element to reviving the American pine gum industry is the ability to obtain an adequate supply of raw materials (pine gum).  It seems like this would not be a difficult task, considering that, out of Georgia’s 37 million acres of total land mass, 24.4 million acres are considered timberland available for commercial use. (This is more than any other state in the nation.) Without a doubt, Georgia has enough slash pine trees to produce the raw gum to meet our demand for turpentine and rosin.  

Rather than "catfacing" the trees like in the good 'ol days, we are "tapping" slash pine trees, extracting the gum, and distilling the turpentine and rosin, all the while using sustainable (green) forest practices.  If you are interested in learning more about us or about the pine gum industry, please contact us at diamondgforestproducts@hotmail.com.