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Diamond G Forest Products, LLC
"​This turpentine is the best, and it's made in the USA!"

"Just as described... pure!"

"Nice, mild and organic smelling"

"My new favorite turpentine!"

"Mild, clean scent - a real joy to use, plus it's family-made!"

"Thanks for the quick response. I would like to have two 16oz bottles to try. I'm just a small scale violinmaker so I don't make a lot of varnish but when I do I buy only the best products I can find. From what I hear your turpentine exceeds anything out there. Great work. I wish you a long and prosperous endeavor. You are getting rave reviews here...www.maestronet.com"

"I have been a chemist and an art restorer/conservator for many years and have seen many turps come and go. I have to tell you that your product really surprised me. I bought it purely from skating around ebay as I do looking for old pigments because of the clarity of the product in the photo. (and the price) I received it, gave it one pass in the clarifier, and wound up with just trace artifact. Very impressive for a, I'm assuming, small company. this is as good a turp as I have seen and you have a new customer. if there are any other products that I may use given what I do, let me know and I'll give them a try. Nicely done."

These are just a few customer reviews we at Diamond G Forest Products have received for our gum spirits of turpentine and pine rosin. Our turpentine and rosin are derived from slash pine trees (pinus elliottii) growing in south Georgia using sustainable forest practices. We harvest and distill the raw pine gum ourselves. Then, we package, label, and ship our products all by hand. Attention to detail is paramount in our business, and our products are unlike any other you'll find. They are completely pure and organic. 
Customer Reviews ...
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“ Diamond G Forest Products in Patterson, 50 miles west of Brunswick, is working with Pinova to produce Georgia rosin and support the local economy…Now, Pinova is looking to purchase more from the Patterson-based company and hopes it can have an effect on the Georgia forest industry.”
The Brunswick News
Sept. 25, 2012

In the News ...
“The partners want to assure pine tree growers there is an opportunity for extra income – and a chance to build the industry to its former glory from the ground up.”

The Blackshear Times
Oct. 17, 2012

“Increased domestic and worldwide demand for high quality gum rosin and gum turpentine may lead to the resurgence of naval stores as an important product from Georgia’s vast forests, says Chip Griner, adding that ‘pine rosin demand in the U.S. is approximately 2 billion lbs/yr,’ most of it coming from China. 
As a new domestic supplier of high quality pine gum rosin for Pinova, Diamond G Forest Products is seeking additional timber owners to supply raw gum for their operation.”

Exploring Georgia’s Wood Products
October 2012

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