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Diamond G Forest Products, LLC
Our History

O.W. Raulerson, 
(Chip's great-grandfather)

In 1924, Grandaddy Raulerson took out a loan for "one 20-barrel turpentine still, two mules, a two-horse wagon, 35 dip barrels, and three and one half crops of turpentine cups, more or less." 

Southern States Naval Stores Company
Savannah, Georgia
H.W. (Chip) Griner, Jr.

In 1990, Chip felt a calling to revive the Naval Stores industry.  It would be 20 more years before his dream would become a reality.
1924 ... Grandaddy Raulerson's loan agreement.
Notice that the mules are described in detail, and are even named in the loan agreement ... Jerry and Ada!
The future of the turpentine industry is looking bright as the next generation is learning the business "from the ground up."
R.D. Thomas, Jr.; H.W. (Wade) Griner and H.W. (Chip) Griner, Jr.

1924 - 2014 ... You could say  "our roots run deep."